Q: What is better than buying a Hofmann hot dog from a restaurant or stadium ready to eat?

A: Cooking up your own tasty meal using Hofmann products. We have made it easy by providing tested and true recipes for everyday life whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, a tailgate or cookout.

Although Hofmann hot dogs and sausages are great on the grill and without a lot of fuss - simplicity at its finest - it’s not just about grilling anymore.

With the variety of options, Hofmann offers year-round taste satisfaction. Hofmann delivers old world goodness using quality cuts of meat and select spices to satisfy modern tastes.

We know that our loyal fans love our hot dogs and sausage. Now, discover how you can get a little creative in the kitchen with recipes that everyone will love, even new fans.

Hofmann Sausage Company Partners with Empire Brewing Company  to Create Co-Branded, Beer-Infused Sausage
Hofmann Chicago Hot Dog
Hofmann Sausage Kielbasa Sausage & Peppers Skillet
Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Beer Brats
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