Snappys & More Pack

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This pack features our famous Snappy Griller which we created in 1932. The uniquely white Snappy will leave your mouth watering for another bite right after the distinctive snap of the casing and the flavorful burst hits your lips. This gift pack also includes our legendary Frankfurter that is made the old-fashioned way with the highest quality blend of meats and unique spices for an incredible flavor only Hofmann can deliver. Our Italian Sausage with it's incredible concoction of flavors and meats rounds out this delicious gift pack.

What you get:
5—14oz Packages (30 Natural Casing Snappy Grillers)
2—14oz Packages (12 Natural Casing German Franks)
1—14oz Package (4 Natural Casing Italian Sausages)
1—12oz German Style Mustard
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