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At The Great New York State Fair

Hofmann has a HUGE presence at The Great New York State Fair. Every year fans from near and far visit the fair to experience GREAT food from vendors selling our famous hot dogs and sausages. Visit these vendors this year and don’t forget the mustard!

Alivero’s • Basilio Sausage • Bosco’s • Country Corner • Carr’s Cove • Charlie’s • Daniella Steak House • Expo Center • Fry Guy • Horan’s • Indian Village • Jimmy B’s • JJ’s • PZO’s • Suds Factory • Tiki Turtle • Tommy C’s • Tony C’s • Twin Trees • West End Grill

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Hofmann Horse Carriage Delivery

Hofmann Sausage Company’s recipes were born in Germany and raised in Syracuse, New York since 1879. When you bite into a Hofmann, you experience a little bit of history. Learn more about our iconic brand and why, “Taste Tells!”

Hofmann sausage and peppers on grill

Simply the BEST hot dogs, sausages, jerky, and condiments in America.

Slow Cook Italian Sausage & Peppers in Hoagies

Discover tailgating tips and ridiculously tasty, easy fall recipes that will make your mouth water.
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacktime.
Anytime is Hofmann time.

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After the fair, find our ridiculously tasty products at a store near you.

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