Our products are shipped ground, 2-day, or overnight according to your selection in the cart as well as shipping options by type of product to allow for safe delivery. Due to the weight, size and delivery schedule and in order for certain products to maintain their integrity, the cost may seem high. In accordance to USDA regulations, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program, and our Safe Quality Foods program; food must be packaged properly to maintain safe and controlled temperatures for shipping, unless those product are shelf stable not requiring refrigeration. Also, we are unable to dictate the rates that are set by our carrier for such shipping. For additional information regarding shipping and ordering, please contact Hofmann Sausage Company at 315-437-7257, and we will be happy to assist.
Hofmann produces Italian Sausage, and of course, our famous Snappy Grillers nitrite free.

Hofmann produces a wide array of products that are gluten free! There is only two products we produce that are not gluten free, and that is our Beer Bratwurst and our Cheddar Beer Bratwurst.

Due to the number of requests from worthy causes and organization, Hofmann cannot meet all requests for donation. However, you can visit our contact page and complete the Request for Donation form and it will be sent to marketing department for response.

All our products that Hofmann produces are fully cooked, and ready-to-eat right out of the package. However, for the best taste and experience we recommend grilling them.

Hofmann Sausage Company has worked hard to earn an “excellent” rating by achieving and maintaining a Level 2 Certification, awarded by the Safe Quality Foods Institute (SQF) operating under the guidelines of the Global Food Safety Initiative. SQF is a strict compliance program that requires highly detailed monitoring and verification at every step of our process within the company and our products. This includes but not limited to facility, employee training, product quality and product safety. An independent third-party auditing body assures Hofmann’s customers that all the mandatory standards are not just met but exceeded.

The exceptionally regarded “excellent” rating that recognizes Hofmann Sausage Company, as one of an exclusive group of Domestic Food Facilities, and authorizes the use of the Registered Trademark logo for marketing.

Beyond our company’s SQF compliance, Hofmann is inspected by the USDA daily. All our products that are produced and released into commerce are regulated and within the Code of Federal Regulations. Additionally, the USDA mandates a strict compliance and adherence under the HACCP for Food Safety and Quality regulations, as well as sanitation performance standards related to our production areas and facility, and employee good manufacturing practices.

Hofmann Cheddar Franks contain dairy; Snappy Grillers contain dairy and egg; Beer Bratwurst contain dairy and wheat; Cheddar Beer Bratwurst contain dairy and wheat; Cheddar Jalapeno contain dairy.

To maintain product integrity, once opened, immediately refrigerate and use or freeze any unused product within 5 days.