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With our Party Pack you get your choice of our classic German Franks, Snappy Grillers or a combination of the two. Our German Brand Franks have been a fan favorite for over 140 years and they are still handcrafted with the highest quality blend of meats including beef, pork, and veal plus select spices and a natural lamb casing so thin and tender that it snaps slightly to the bite. Our Snappy Grillers were introduced in 1934 and quickly became famous in Upstate New York. They and are made with pork, veal, egg whites, dried milk, and select spices with that same tender natural lamb casing – a hybrid between a German white sausage and a frank. With our Party Pack, you will receive a bonus item, your choice of Hofmann German Style Mustard or Hofmann Horseradish Mustard to top things off.

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