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Hofmann Hot Dog Scramble


Hofmann Hot Dog Scramble 6-12 minutes (depending on if some ready bought items were purchased prepared) 5-8 minutes (depending on if you lightly fan fry the frank or just add it straight to the eggs) 6 people [...]

Hofmann Hot Dog Scramble2021-09-17T14:36:51-04:00

German Potato Salad


German Potato Salad 20 minutes 25 minutes 4 people German Potato Salad Ingredients 4 medium white potatoes (cooked) 1/2 cup onion, chopped 1 TBSP soft butter 1/4 cup water 2 beef bouillon cubes 1/4 cup [...]

German Potato Salad2021-09-17T14:37:29-04:00

Meat & Cheese Charcuterie


Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Cold slice our tasty, fully cooked products like Hofmann Bologna, Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage, and Summer Sausage and combine on a tray with a variety of cheese, fruit, and nuts for a beautiful and festive display. Adjust the portions to your crowd size. [...]

Meat & Cheese Charcuterie2021-09-17T14:38:47-04:00

Red Pepper Jelly and Pineapple Cocktails


Red Pepper Jelly and Pineapple Cocktails 5 minutes 4 hours 8-10 as appetizer Red Pepper Jelly and Pineapple Cocktails Ingredients 36 oz of Hofmann Cocktail Franks 12 oz Jar of Red Pepper [...]

Red Pepper Jelly and Pineapple Cocktails2021-09-17T14:40:02-04:00

German Franks & Beans


German Franks & Beans 10 minutes 35-40 minutes 4 people German Franks & Beans Ingredients 2 cans of Navy or Baked Beans - Your preference (3) links German Brand Franks 1/3 cup [...]

German Franks & Beans2021-09-17T14:41:32-04:00

Fajita Dog Topping


Fajita Dog Topping 10 minutes 10-12 minutes 6 people Fajita Dog Topping Ingredients 1/4 cup oil Medium white onion Medium Green, Yellow, Orange or Red Bell Peppers 1 Pkg 14oz [...]

Fajita Dog Topping2021-09-17T14:42:24-04:00

Avocado Pico Dog Topping


Avocado Pico Dog Topping 10 minutes 10-12 minutes 6 people Avocado Pico Dog Topping Ingredients 1 Pkg 14oz Hofmann German Brand Franks 3 Ripe Large Avocados 1 SM White Onion 2 Small to [...]

Avocado Pico Dog Topping2021-09-17T14:44:40-04:00

Kickin’ Potato Salad


Kickin' Potato Salad 10-12 minutes 30 minutes 6 people Kickin' Potato Salad Ingredients 7 red skin potatoes (or substitute with potatoes of choice) 3 eggs ½ cup chopped celery ¼ tsp garlic salt [...]

Kickin’ Potato Salad2021-09-17T14:45:12-04:00

Big Kahuna Luau Dog


Big Kahuna Luau Dog Hofmann Big Kahuna Luau Dog…the GREAT taste of Hofmann with a Hawaiian twist, a perfect summer recipe. 15 minutes 6 people Big Kahuna Luau Dog Hofmann Big Kahuna Luau Dog…the GREAT taste of [...]

Big Kahuna Luau Dog2021-09-17T14:45:53-04:00

Jalapeño Cheddar Queso


Jalapeño Cheddar Queso 15-18 minutes 4-6 people Jalapeño Cheddar Queso Ingredients ½ lb Hofmann Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage 1 lb Velveeta® 1 can of RoTel® Original Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies undrained; or for less heat substitute fire roasted or regular diced tomatoes [...]

Jalapeño Cheddar Queso2021-09-17T14:46:36-04:00

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